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The Ecclesiological Society

For those who love churches

Welcome to the Ecclesiological Society website. Whether you are an expert on church history and church architecture, or merely curious, our Society provides lots of information, publications, images, news and events. You might wish to sign up to our free e-newsletter, or think about becoming a member of the Society to join in its events and receive its publications.

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A walking tour of churches in Edinburgh

Saturday 10 June 2023 at 11am

Edinburgh’s Old Town is home to many magnificent churches of different denominations. This tour, led by an expert guide, offers a selection of these fascinating churches, exploring their history and unique features. The tour will last about four hours.

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Available through this website are links to most editions of The Ecclesiologist (1841-1867), The Transactions of the St Paul’s Ecclesiological Society (1881-1905) and the Newsletter (1980-1993).

All editions of our current journal, Ecclesiology Today, are available here, beginning in 1993.

The downloads are  here.

Featured church

St James the Less, Pimlico, London SW1

St James the Less rose in 1859-61 as a beacon of salvation among the slums of an impoverished part of London. It was conceived as a memorial to Bishop James Henry Monk of Gloucester and Bristol by his three daughters and was to be G.E. Stre...

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