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The Ecclesiological Society

For those who love churches


Since its foundation as the Cambridge Camden Society in 1839, the Society has published tracts and journals under a number of titles. Some of the earliest have been re-published as ‘Temples … worthy of His presence’: the early publications of the Cambridge Camden Society, edited by Christopher Webster (Spire Books Ltd, 2003). Many of these had a significance influence on British church architecture.

Available on this website are links to most editions of The Ecclesiologist (1841-1867), The Transactions of the St Paul’s Ecclesiological Society (1881-1905) and the Newsletter (1980-1993).

Our current journal, Ecclesiology Today, is also available here, beginning in 1993. It is posted to members of the Society and then made available on the website two years after publication.

Finally, you can also download several books published by the Society. Collectively, these are a valuable resource for historians and all those interested in church history, architecture and liturgy.

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Archived copies of Ecclesiology Today editions 1-31 are now available here.