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Exeter Cathedral

Visitors to Exeter Cathedral this summer have found (and at the time of writing will continue to find) that there are restricted areas
in the quire and east end as work progresses on the installation of underfloor heating. This has presented the opportunity for archaeological excavations, which have uncovered hidden features from the building’s Norman past. They include the foundations of the early 12th century high altar and an area thought to be a crypt, possibly containing the bodies of bishops Robert Warelwast and William Brewer, whose remains were moved in 1320. Cathedral archaeologist John Allan said: “We have found the buried floors of the Norman cathedral, last seen about 700 years ago, with the original high altar. Behind the altar, to the east, is a surprisingly deep backfilled area which we think must be a Norman crypt. This is surely the most exciting archaeological discovery ever made at Exeter Cathedral.” Viewing areas have been created so that visitors can see the ongoing works. The discoveries follow on from the Roman remains found in the cloister garden.

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