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The Ecclesiological Society

For those who love churches

For those who love churches

Welcome to the Ecclesiological Society website! Whether you are an expert on church history and church architecture, or merely curious our Society provides lots of information, publications, images, news & events. You might want to sign up to our free e-newsletter, or think about becoming a member of the Society and join in its events and receive its publications.

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List of Historical Members of the Ecclesiological Society Published

Geoff Brandwood – Member of Council of the Ecclesiological Society – has compiled a complete membership list for the Cambridge Camden Society from its beginnings in 1839, and for its renamed successor, the Ecclesiological Society from 1845 to 1867. The list includes commentary, and biographical details, such as members’ university education and appointments within the Church and outside. It will be a valuable resource for scholars and enthusiasts alike, who seek to understand the impact of the Society in its earliest days and how it came to be such an influential force.

Click here to download the list.

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St Mary, Abbotsbury, Newton Abbot, Devon

In July 1903 the first public announcement appeared that a new church was being contemplated to replace the small and ancient St Mary’s in the parish of Highweek, Newton Abbot, Devon. It was a popular decision and donations poured in, with...

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