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About churches

There are numerous publications and sites dedicated to the the different phases of church architecture and history.

If you are looking for churches in a particular area take a look at our links page and for groups specialising on particular elements or historic phases of church development see the organisations page.

If you are looking for advice on how to look after your church building try the Church of England Churchcare  site and for information on stewardship, administration and management of a local church (including fundraising) see Parish Resources.

For up to date news and briefings on matters relating to the future of historic places of worship the Historic Religious Buildings Alliance page is here.

For ideas for church visits and for a simplified timeline of English church architectural development see ChurchDays.

And lastly if you are looking for specific or in depth information on church architecture why not visit the Lambeth Palace or Cathedral and Church Buildings Division library.




Here are some links to sites about churches - we hope you will find them enjoyable.

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Featured churches

Here are a few churches chosen by our Council members. Please do let us know if you would like to add another.

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Church crawls

Inspiration for walking, cycling or driving church crawls around the country.

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