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The Society is currently (November 2015) looking for additional volunteers to join the team.

The details are below. Can you help? – the Society relies on volunteers for everything it does (amazing really).

If you think you might be interested, please drop a quick and informal email to Trevor Cooper at, and we can disuss things further.

Thank you.

Trevor Cooper
Chairman of Council

We are looking for some additional volunteers to join the team.

There are various roles, requiring a range of skills and different levels and patterns of time commitment.

You do not need to be an expert on churches for any of these roles. You do need to have easy access to an online computer and be familiar with email and Microsoft Word.

All the roles require attendance at Council meetings which are in central London on Thursday evenings four times per year. Travelling expenses are paid.

You don’t need to be a current member of the Society, though (not surprisingly) we would expect you to join.

Membership Secretary
Valerie Hitchman will be resigning her role as membership secretary in the near future. After many years in the job, she is bequeathing us a very well-run operation.

The role requires someone who is well organised and can put some time into the role almost every week to stay on top of the work, with a busy period in the first couple of months of the year. You will be the first person that new members have contact with, so you will need to enjoy dealing with people (and occasionally you will need the patience of Job). You will need to be comfortable with email and Microsoft Word, and able to use and create Excel spreadsheets (we could provide training in Excel for the right person).

Visits Organiser
Ruth Knight has developed the role of visits organiser over a number of years. She is now taking maternity leave, and we are looking for someone either to take the role over from Ruth or to work with her (for the long term) to split the workload.

The role requires someone who enjoys networking and making contact with new people, and can reliably organise visits (a few per year) about a year ahead. The work is intermittent and under your control, but there are occasional deadlines which mustn’t be missed, and you will need to be able to stay on top of detail despite the gaps in the workload. It would be helpful if you are able to suggest visits yourself, though other members of Council can provide ideas. You will need to be comfortable with email and Microsoft Word.

One-off projects
This is a new role, taking on occasional projects.

The role requires someone who can get on with a variety of tasks in a sensible and organised way, using common sense and making their own decisions, whilst staying close to one or two other members of Council to keep them informed and talk things over. Each project will be agreed to fit your availability, and the work will be intermittent. You will need to be comfortable with email and Microsoft Word.

Website update manager
This is a new role. We are looking for someone who will update the website from time to time with events and new publications, and other information. (The ‘news’ section of the website will be looked after by someone else.)

We will provide training in the mechanics of updating the website (which is a slightly fussy operation, but not difficult). The work will be intermittent but fairly predictable and not particularly heavy, with a small peak in the New Year to upload details of events gleaned from many different sources. You will need to be systematic, and able to cope with a couple of hours of tedium every now and then. You will need to be comfortable with email and Microsoft Word, and willing to learn how to use a bespoke WordPress application.

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