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The Ecclesiological Society

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Leaving a legacy

Would you consider leaving a gift to the Ecclesiological Society in your will?

We welcome all gifts in wills, however large or small, and we promise to use your gift to make a difference to the Society and its aims.

A charitable legacy is a gift of money, property or an item left to an organisation in a will. This type of giving to charity is commonly referred to as gifts in wills. Gifts in wills made to charities are exempt from inheritance tax and can reduce the inheritance tax paid on an estate. They enable supporters like you to make a larger donation than may be possible during your lifetime. 

Since needs change over the years, we would encourage you to leave a gift in your will for the Society’s general benefit and we will ensure that your gift is used where needs and opportunities are the greatest. We will discuss possible uses of your gift with your executors when the time comes, bearing in mind your known areas of interest in the Society and the Society’s priorities at the time.

If, however, you would like to make a bequest for a specific purpose then please consider one of the following depending on your area of interest, eg publications, events, lectures, research grants.

We will acknowledge gifts in whatever way the donor and/or his/her executors feel most appropriate to. Equally, we can make sure that gifts remain anonymous if the donor prefers.

If you would like to talk to someone in confidence about the sorts of purposes your gift might fund, and how/if you would like your gift to be acknowledged, please contact the Chairman of Council of the Ecclesiological Society at


Donations in memory

Instead of flowers at your funeral, you may like your friends to remember you with donations to the Ecclesiological Society. The following wording included in your will or in instructions to your Executor will ensure your wishes are met:

I request my Executor to ensure that instead of flowers at my funeral, donations are made to the Ecclesiological Society, of 68 Scholars Road, Balham, London, SW12 0PG, Registered Charity Number 210501

 We are not able to provide legal advice. We would always encourage people to consult a solicitor or specialist financial advisor for advice about their will or estate. You can find useful advice here ,

and here

Whatever their size, legacies can be very helpful to the Society. No matter how small the gift you make through your legacy, it will go towards enhancing our work. We remain grateful to all those whose legacies that have already enabled us to do so much.


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